While studying at the academy there has been a constant need FOR US to connect and collaborate with the industrie as well with other designers. to give the potential of innovative ideas the chance to grow into fully-fledged projects. To be honest, we dislike to work individually and therefore cooperation is invaluable to us. It simply became our ideology when we philosophised about our time after the studies.

Out of these convictions FUTURE MORE STUDIO was founded by Three friends / young designers (from left to right) Jasper Luijten (Co founder) Simone Smelt (Co founder) and Nick Beens (Co founder) during the 2017 graduation show at Design Academy Eindhoven. 

Together with 5 young and upcoming designers we form FUTURE MORE COLLECTIVE and currently we are working on our first exhibition that will be presented during dutch design week 2018. 



Collectively we serve as a platform where individual skills are united to construct a diversified sensibility. We share the believe and interest to collaborate, inspire and be inspired by the industry. Two worlds that rely on each others capabilities and together are able to reinforce there professions, Based upon a shared search for knowledge that gets formed as well as defined by discovering the unknown. 

Aspired by the dynamics of cooperation. We question “nowadays” along with “future” design issues that reach beyond the traditional field of product design. These discussions lead into a forecast serving as our joint design approach. Where ideas not just stay concepts but will be furthermore developed into meaningful projects shaped to rethink, respect and certainly wonder.