Future more collective is an carefully picked group of young and upcoming designers with a shared believe and interest.


Edwin van capelleveen

Edwin van Capelleveen / Design Academy Eindhoven 2018

Led by his instinct and the behaviour of people Edwin shapes his ideas into understandable projects, ranging from home-accessories to architectural innovations.

He characterizes the simplicity by involving the industry from the start, and use it’s limits as an advantage.



Mirl van Hoek / Design Academy Eindhoven 2018

As an conceptual product and graphic designer, Mirl is driven by interaction and uses her skills to create a positive mindset change.

With her optimistic, poetic and interactive design approach, she is eager to transform societal challenges into new and playful opportunities.



Freek Peters / Design Academy Eindhoven 2018

Driven by his fascination for materials and processes, Freek creates work that leads to new insights in function and shape. His hands-on and analytical approach, give Freek the freedom to extend the limits of the known, and give unexpected turns to everyday appliances.

His work varies from daily-use products to spatial and architectural designs.


milou bergs

Milou Bergs / Design Academy Eindhoven 2017

Inspired by architecture, technology, the way things are constructed, work and move, form the basis in Milou's technical and functional way of working. She is focusing on innovation and smart solutions, shifting from industrial product design into a more conceptual design approach.

Her products are shaped with a clear function combined with simplistic aesthetics.



Hedwich Hooghiemstra / Design Academy Eindhoven 2018

Analogue techniques form the starting point in her process to find the right atmosphere and evoke a certain wonder about an object or space.

Designs from Hedwich, are based on well composed structures that evolve into greater forms. People are the central focus in her designs, creating a second skin by the use of intimacy.

Sculpturing a new reality, to question different kinds of illusions.

NICK flip.jpg

nick beens

Nick Beens / Design Academy Eindhoven 2017

Co-founder / Art director FUTURE MORE

Products designed by Nick Beens will make your space feel more playful and is giving ambience to in-outdoor spaces.

With a visual approach, sighted for functionality and finding composition he consistently is creating impact within.

Celebrating industrial material techniques that lead to more possibilities for future appliances is what he likes to communicate with use of strong visualizations and using various on/offline platforms.


Simone smelt

Simone Smelt / Design Academy Eindhoven 2017

Co-founder / Art director FUTURE MORE

Fascinated by aesthetics and human imagination, Simone Smelt combines dark and endless imaginative concepts with minimal aesthetics.

She often creates a visual poetic concept, followed up by playing with materials and colors to unveil the richness of the concept.

Simone focusses on dynamic and transformable objects, to create a sustainable solution to boredom; dynamic design can be an ever surprising journey.


Jasper Luijten

Jasper Luijten / Design Academy Eindhoven 2017

Co-founder / Art director FUTURE MORE

Wether it’s wind or daylight, natural motion formed by the elements often serves as a starting or inspiration source in Jasper’s clear, graphical and atmospheric approach. He aims to find the know / un-known essence in everyday products and their surroundings. This results in an interdisciplinary working method leading a research for new approaches to shape and function.

Jasper translates his concepts into product, installations and spatial design projects. Where he plays with his idea to rethink processes in there sophisticated matter by reshaping them into a visual language of meaningful, functional yet poetic objects.